FurryFido Apricot Adjustable Pocket Pet Sling

FurryFido Apricot Adjustable Pocket Pet Sling

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FurryFido Pet Sling gives your little pet an ultra-comfortable and stylish ride in our specially designed sling-style pet carrier bag. It’s extra safe and strong so that you can go about your own business knowing that your pet is secure and comfortable. Your snuggle friend will thank you! 

✔ For Dogs/Cats/Bunnies/Small Animals under 13 lbs.

✔ Reversible Design: It’s reversible and versatile. You can wear inside out. 

✔ Adjustable Design: Our adjustable rings allow you to put the sling either higher or lower while wearing. 

✔ Pocket Design: You may put several small stuffs inside the pocket while carrying pet.

✔ Safe & Secure: Your pet will feel very safe and secure inside of our sling-style pet carrier bag that is designed for extra protection with a safety collar hook.

✔ Hands-free: Our hands-free design makes it very convenient for you to carry your pet anywhere on the go. 

✔ Breathable Comfort: Carry your pet around town in comfort and style with

✔ Machine Washable: Simply place it in the wash to keep it clean as new



21 in x 4-1/2 in x 6-1/2 in (L x W x H) 


Cotton, Polyester


1. improper installation may cause per feel uncomfortable and injured.

2. This product can be used only for pets, not for children.